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I recently came across this lovely batiste (58", $10/yd) - available in both white and black.  It's cotton, with a little bit of polyester, but I must say, it feels and acts and responds as if it's all cotton.  Apparently it was a favorite of the great American designer Bill Blass, back in the day, so that's recommendation enough for me.  I gather he often used it as a lining, and I can see that - it would be perfect to line a linen dress, for instance.  It's a great alternative to silk organza in the world of underlinings - sometimes something with just a little more body is called for, and I think this is the perfect choice.  It does shrink ever so slightly, so be sure to wash it in hot water or give it a really, really thorough steam before you use it.  It has a lovely, silky hand. Ships in yards. Update number of yards once you add product to your cart.