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Things to Bear in Mind When Choosing Fabric

For a simple garment, a few easy calculations will tell you how much fabric you need. I'll also discuss some of the factors I take into account when I'm choosing a fabric and trying to figure out how much of it I'll need.

Choosing the Right Pattern Size

While any sewing pattern is just a starting point, choosing the right size is essential. I'll share an easy technique that will point you in the right direction, for once and for all!

Upcoming Courses

The Couture Blouse

A simple blouse, with some couture touches.  Featuring our Boatneck Top Pattern, Susan goes through two different variations of the garment.


The Couture Notebook

The world of couture sewing broken down into all its components…they’re all here, from the essential hand stitches to all the finishing touches. It will be your reference for all the elements that you need to know.


The Skirts Class

You’ll learn how to make two versions of a wardrobe essential: a pencil skirt with a traditional waistband, and a gored skirt with an inner grosgrain waistband and a flounce at the hem. A simple garment can be a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with couture techniques – we’ll cover making a muslin, choosing and using underlinings and lining, two different waist treatments, two hand-picked zipper techniques, and much more.