The Couture Pattern Collection by Julien Cristofoli for Susan Khalje

All of our patterns are custom designed by master Parisian draper and couture pattern maker Julien Cristofoli exclusively for Susan Khalje Couture. Susan and Julien have been close collaborators and friends for well over a decade and have built their relationship through their many engagements together in both the US and France. Julien's true mastery and unparalleled skill becomes apparent from the moment you begin working with his patterns. The process of using his patterns as the foundation of your garment becomes a journey where every turn reveals a new detail you will be sure to relish. The patterns are graded by another renowned expert, Judy Huyck and manufactured entirely in the United States. These patterns truly epitomize the very best of the centuries-old Haute Couture traditions and we are thrilled to offer them to you exclusively on our site. 

Also, remember that if you sign up here to become a member of the Susan Khalje Couture: Sewing Club you receive a 50% discount on all patterns offered in the Club, including: the newly-launched Parisian Jacket, The Couture Skirt and the Boatneck Pattern.