Pattern Printing Guidance

We recommend having the pattern printed at a print shop, FedEx Office, Office Depot, etc. If you elect to print at home, you will be printing it in multiple tiled sheet format (unless you have a large format printer). Many computers have printer software that will allow you to do this without trouble. If you are having trouble printing the pattern out at home in tiled sheet format, then download and print using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

PDF reader | Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (

Your computer may already have this software installed, as well. In any case, after installing it, start the Adobe Acrobat Reader program ('Acrobat'). Open the downloaded pattern file with Acrobat.

Select "Print" from the main "File" menu.

Under "Page Sizing & Handling" select "Poster".

"Overlap" can be set to ~0.005 inches/~0.13mm.

Check the boxes for "Cut Marks", "Labels", and "Tile only large pages".

Then press "Print"!

(see video here for an example: Adobe Printing Instructions Video)

(Note the option for "Overlap". This will print a small redundancy of the pattern on two adjacent sheets so that you can overlap them for good alignment when joining. When entering a value for overlap, make sure to overlap the pages that amount when taping them together or your pattern may be slightly distorted.)