2020 Couture Classes Outlook

Dear Sewing Friends,
Sadly, we’ve had to postpone a number of classes:
the April couture class in Baltimore
the May jacket class in Baltimore
the June couture class in San Francisco
the July couture class in San Francisco
the August sit-and-sew in Baltimore
the August jacket class in Los Angeles

I’m hopeful that the fall classes in Baltimore and New Orleans will be held; for now, though, like all of us, I’m waiting to see how things develop.
I’ll also reschedule classes in Baltimore, San Francisco and Los Angeles, again, once things are safe and the way forward is clear.  I plan to add additional dates, too, to give everyone plenty of flexibility.
Thank you for your support and patience.  I look forward, as I know all of you do, to the wonderful camaraderie of sewing classes, and the chance to work with you all, as we learn, share, and create beautiful garments.
Susan Khalje