Mendel Goldberg

Flowered Swiss lace and pink silk gazar.

Flowered Swiss lace and pink silk gazar.

I spent last week at Mendel Goldberg in New York, teaching a Classic French Jacket class. And yes, it was definitely like being in a candy store… you can imagine that students bought fabulous fabrics for the projects at hand, but clearly, future garments were in their sights as well…

printed pleated

Printed, Pleated

A fire a year or two ago led to a major renovation in the store, so the basement is now large enough to hold a class. It’s not a huge space, but by New York standards, it’s palatial. And it’s in a fun neighborhood, in the lower east side, on the upper fringes of Chinatown. There is even a vintage shop around the corner, with a window full of Chanel handbags.

Helena Chenn's Jacket

San Jose dressmaker Helena Chenn’s jacket ready for a fitting…

Kathreins jacket

Chicago designer Victoria Kathrein’s jacket’s sleeves are ready to be pinned into place…

jacket lining

The asymmetrical lining of another jacket is carefully laid out…

Owner Alice Goldberg Wildes has just come back from a buying trip to Europe, so seeing the just-arrived shipments being opened only added to the temptation!

Alice in the action

Alice in the action

Speaking of temptations, one of my guilty pleasures is reading magazines, and even fairly humble convenience stores in the city (and of course in neighboring, very trendy Brooklyn) often carry a wonderful selection…


And of course, there are temptations on a cultural level, too, which included one very wonderful evening spent at Lincoln Center, watching the extraordinary dancers of the American Ballet Theater.

I’m back in Baltimore, ready to start teaching my final class of the year – one last Classic French Jacket session. It’s back to Mendel Goldberg tomorrow (just for the day, though) and M&J for trims and buttons… then we’ll dive in and start sewing. Inspiration awaits!!!

french jacket

Here’s Australian student Kristie Fritz modeling the jacket I made for the upcoming French Couture Jacket video…