The French Couture Jacket Class

the couture french jacket

Fellow Sewers,

I’m delighted to announce the French Couture Jacket Class. In this course I’ll walk with you through the entire process of constructing one of the classic couture garments. I pour a lifetime of experience in to this course and truly believe you will find advice in it that you cannot get anywhere else. From paper pattern to finished jacket, you’ll see me make two jackets: one in a plain fabric and one in a fabric that requires matching.

Adapt the muslin for pattern use
Apply a wide range of hand stitches along the way
Quilt the lining to the fashion fabric
Work with elegant trims and buttons
Add hand-constructed pockets
Apply the finishing touches that a couture garment deserves

Once you’ve completed one jacket, I’m happy to say that this course includes separate instruction for a regular and patterned jacket, with a pattern we send to you in the mail to accommodate your choice! And there’s no doubt that the techniques and knowledge gained from this project will be applied to any others you tackle in the future.

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